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Plumbing Repairs

Plumber Services in Azle, TX for Leaks, Clogs & More!

There are a wide range of repairs that can be needed when talking about your plumbing system. These repairs can range from a leaking faucet to a sewer system that needs a full line replacement. While some of these problems may simply be inconveniencing you, there are also times when you need a plumber to do major repairs. Call Double L Plumbing today for any and all of your plumbing repair needs.

Professional Plumbing Repairs

When you have a big plumbing problem, you need to turn to professionals that you can trust. All of our technicians have received extensive training to give you the confidence that your issue is being handled with the appropriate care. Don't take risks or cut corners when it comes to your plumbing repairs, as often you can easily make a simple problem worse just by waiting and not taking action.

Flexing Double L Plumbing Services
What are the most common plumbing repairs?

The most common plumbing repairs include fixing leaking faucets or pipes, repairing or replacing malfunctioning toilets, unclogging drains, and toilets, addressing water heater issues such as leaks or lack of hot water, and repairing or replacing damaged garbage disposals. Additionally, plumbing repairs often involve fixing or replacing leaky or running faucets, repairing burst or frozen pipes, and addressing low water pressure problems. Regular maintenance can help prevent many of these common issues, but timely professional assistance is crucial when problems arise to prevent water damage and maintain a functional plumbing system.

How do you stop a water leak under pressure?

To stop a water leak under pressure, start by locating the main water shut-off valve and turning it off to stop the flow of water to the affected area. To relieve any remaining pressure in the pipes, open faucets or valves connected to that section. Identify the source of the leak by inspecting visible pipes or using water detection tools. For a temporary fix, you can use plumber's epoxy putty, pipe repair tape, or a pipe clamp to seal the leak until a professional can make a permanent repair.

What do you do when the sewer drain is clogged?

When dealing with a clogged sewer drain, start by turning off water usage to prevent further backups. Avoid using sinks, toilets, or drains until the issue is resolved. Next, attempt to clear the clog using a plunger or a drain snake. If these methods fail or if you're dealing with a severe blockage, it's best to contact a professional plumber. They can assess the situation, use specialized equipment like drain cameras, and employ professional techniques to clear the clog safely and effectively, preventing potential damage or health hazards.

Our Plumbing Repair Services

Your plumbing system is a large network that encompasses a great deal of individual areas that may need repair. Double L can handle them all! Just call us and we will be there to handle your plumbing concern. Some of the most common repairs we handle include:

Leaking Pipes - Our services to repair leaking pipes are fast and effective. We believe in long term solutions that make sense for your pipes as well as your pocketbook.

Clogged Drains - Over time, pipes and drains have buildup and get clogs that can lead to problems with your pipes. Our services can fix areas that are prone to clogs so that your system can flow smoothly.

Drain Cleaning - When you have a drain that becomes clogged, the team at Double L will be there! Our drain cleaning services will keep your pipes clean and free of clogs and buildup.

Have High Water Bills?

One issue that many people have is a monthly bill that is much higher than it should be. If that sounds like your situation, you should probably reach out to get an evaluation of your plumbing system to see if you need repairs. Many individuals have old systems that are giving them poor results and may be on the verge of a much bigger issue.

Your Go-To Plumber For Repairs

If you have an immediate problem that needs repairs, we can handle it right away. We do repairs for septic systems, sewer lines, water heaters and more. Just call us for any type of plumbing problem for reliable and quick service.

Why Choose Double L?

  • We are a small, local business that provides big, professional service!
  • Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing when it comes to your plumbing.
  • We are open on Saturdays for your convenience.
  • Our seniors and veterans are important to us, which is why we offer a 10% (up to $100) discount on services.
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Maureen Hogan Lake
Maureen Hogan Lake
21:20 01 Mar 24
Cameron was a polite, professional and friendly young man who did excellent work installing our water heater! I will definitely use him again (in fact I am going to request him for my next service). Thanks again for all of your hard work!
Cinda Masure
Cinda Masure
23:35 23 Feb 24
We have used you several times. All the tech have knowledgeable and do excellent work. Ellis did a great job for us!
Hanna Hoss
Hanna Hoss
21:36 23 Feb 24
Thomas was great!
Paul Hutton
Paul Hutton
19:40 23 Feb 24
They were fast, on time, professional and a huge help! I highly recommend them and will use them again when something happens.
Jeff Poucket
Jeff Poucket
15:39 15 Feb 24
The team headed by Thomas was professional, efficient and courteous. They did a good job and made sure we were satisfied with the end result.
Chris Patek
Chris Patek
01:26 10 Feb 24
Cameron and Terry did a great job on our water heater change-out and plumbing update. I used Double a few times now and have never been disappointed. They're good plumbers.
Shawna Mayfield
Shawna Mayfield
15:33 08 Feb 24
Great customer service and came out the same day.
George Curl
George Curl
22:26 06 Feb 24
Double L is great. Cameron and Terry arrived promptly at 0800 and went right to work. They were quick, efficient, and courteous. They did an outstanding repair and explained every step of the process. They finished. then cleaned the area and went beyond by attaching the sheetrock they had to remove. We are very pleased with their work and attitude. Double L is our plumber of choice. Double L is fair priced and always gives us a painless experience. Thanks for taking care of our needs for the last 15 or so years.
George Hicks
George Hicks
17:23 06 Feb 24
This plumbing company is first class all the way and especially the technicians
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