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Briar, TX Plumbing Services

Double L Plumbing provides expert water heater and plumbing services to the residents of Briar, TX. We also do clogged drains, sewer lines, gas lines, leaking pipes and water filtration systems. For all of your home or business plumbing needs, connect with the professional plumbers at Double L Plumbing today! Open on Saturdays for your convenience!

We invite you to read our reviews below and find out why your neighbors consider us to be their nearby local plumber in Briar, TX.

What is considered an emergency plumbing issue near Briar?

A plumbing emergency entails a variety of problems with your plumbing that are more serious than usual. Damaged pipes, clogged drains, gas leaks and other issues are examples. As with gas leaks, a plumbing emergency frequently involves the possibility of water damage or jeopardizing occupant safety. There may even be instances where substantial water loss has a significant impact on utility prices.

How much does it cost to fix a water heater near Briar?

A water heater repair costs on average $500, with most homes spending between $203 and $800 for a single repair.

As with any household appliance, certain parts will undoubtedly cost more to repair than others. Some expenses of common water heater repairs are shown below:

  • Faulty ignitor costs between $175 and $485 to replace. 
  • Limescale and mineral deposits might cost between $150 and $450 to remove. 
  • Pipe leaks cost between $55 and 350 dollars to repair.
What is the most common problem with water heaters near Briar?

The most common problems with water heaters near Briar, TX, are caused by hard water. Because we have high mineral content in our water, we end up with limescale and mineral buildup inside our water heater tanks. That mineral buildup can cause the heating element to malfunction and leave you with no hot water, which will require repair. It can also cause corrosion in the tank which will require a full replacement. A good way to combat the effects of hard water on your water heater is to use a water filtration system to reduce the amount of limescale and mineral buildup in your plumbing system.

Lisa Senness
Lisa Senness
20:14 29 Apr 22
Lance came out to give us an estimate to replace our water heater with a tankless water heater. He was very professional and thorough. We selected Double L to do the work because Double L had the best price and because we were impressed with Lance. Lance did the work and we are very happy we selected Double L to do the work.
Jeff Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs
19:20 29 Apr 22
Excellent service. Double L lived up to their reputation and took great care of us, identifying an issue resulting from our build. They could not have been more professional, friendly or thorough. Seth, Patrick, Ronnie, Nicole and Samantha are all very helpful. 6 stars!
Head Doc
Head Doc
17:01 29 Apr 22
Jason and Scott were very particular and detail oriented. I am very pleased with their work and professionalism!
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